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Southeast Louisiana Vacation Home

Southeast Louisiana Vacation Home

Buying A Vacation Home In Southeast Louisiana

Are you thinking of purchasing real estate close to the beauty of Lake Pontchartrain? Considering buying a home in Covington or Mandeville? Does your family have dreams of a getaway in an area that they love?

There are several steps that a homeowner can take to ensure that the process of buying a vacation home is free of stress and goes smoothly.

1. Decide on the type of home to match your lifestyle

You do not necessarily have to own a primary residence before choosing a vacation home. Maybe it's wanting to buy a vacation condo and renting in the city, or living is chosen, tax and finance options are similar.

2. Decide how it will be used

The property can be for:

  • Investment
  • Primary residence
  • Second home

For tax and financing reasons, consider how the home will be owned and used. If it is your primary residence, for example, you might be able to purchase it with as little as a 3 percent down payment; this is if your loan does not exceed a certain amount.

A second home can be used at any time; however, lenders do not want to see it rented out. Buy it for 20 percent down; present homeowners can qualify by using the cost of a primary home as well...

Top 10 Things To Do In Southeast Louisiana

Top 10 Things To Do In Southeast Louisiana

Southeast Louisiana's Top 10 Things To Do

If you are in the market to buy a home or are going to sell a home and remain in the area, you will want to know some of the exciting and fun things that are happening close to Mandeville and Covington as well as other places nearby. Buying Mandeville real estate or Covington real estate gives you much to do in the way of excitement, relaxation and fun.

1. Movie Tavern Northshore

Eat with the kids at this family-friendly theater with comfortable seats (reserve in advance) and tasty food. Your kids and grandchildren will love this place, with 3D movies and more.

2. Art Galleries

The St. Tammany Art Association is the place to view and buy artwork as well as support the arts. It features fine art and hosts a monthly art walk. Local talent is showcased, and one can become a member or offer support to the organization.

3. Mandeville Trailhead Cultural Interpretive Center

Ride your bike or walk the trails at the trailhead to Tammany Trace that offers a peaceful break; it connects Mandeville and the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The lakefront is just a few blocks away, so families can enjoy...

First Time Buyers Advice

First Time Buyers Advice

Buyers Advice For First Timers

Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life, but the process can also be daunting. First-time buyers are likely to run into a lot of terms they've never heard before in every step of the process, like escrow and closing costs and earnest money deposit.

It's a good idea to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge before you buy a home, especially if it's your first time.  

Here's what first-time home buyers should know about the home-buying process, along with questions you can ask your real estate agent to help you become more comfortable with the buying process.  

Pre-approval will make everything easier

Even if you don't yet own a home, you probably know that a mortgage is a specialized type of loan just for buying houses. Mortgages are available through banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions, and there are even companies called...

10 Fascinating Facts: Covington

10 Fascinating Facts: Covington

10 Fascinating Facts About Covington Louisiana

Have you ever given thought to buying a home in the Covington area? Investing in real estate in this location appeals to many people today.

Permanent residents and visitors alike appreciate learning more about this unique locale.

Some Fun Facts About Covington

Situated just a short drive north of Mandeville Louisiana and the scenic Lake Pontchartrain (in the heart of southeastern Louisiana), this rapidly growing town of well over 10,000 people has witnessed significant changes during recent years. The area enjoys a vibrant culture. Consider fun facts about this community:

1. Today Covington's population approaches 10,500 people.

The popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia cities census information from 2010 placing the town's population at 8,765 people, with significant increases projected for 2018. The community gradually grew in size over the past century.

2. Visit a statue honoring President Ronald Reagan.

A bronze statue erected here by the Taylor Foundation in 2008 displays the work of a local sculptor, Patrick Miller. It honors President Ronald Reagan.

3. Actress Peggy Dow lived here for many years.

Before she gained fame as a model, radio personality, and actress, Peggy Dow spent part of her childhood ...

Life In Mandeville, Louisiana

Life In Mandeville, Louisiana

What To Expect In A Mandeville Lifestyle

Founded in 1834 and incorporated as a city in 1840, Mandeville is recognized as the oldest inhabited locale in St. Tammany Parish. Listed in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009 as one of the Relocate America's Top 100 Places to Live, this small town has plenty to offer anyone planning to buy a home here. 

Checking with a local Realtor is the best source of finding exactly the right home. The same is true if you wish to sell a home.

Early History

Nestled along the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Mandeville was looked upon as a playground for the well-to-do of New Orleans. A steamer made the daily run between here and New Orleans, ferrying those wishing to get away from the heat, dust, and noise of the big city to an area of peace and tranquility.

Many chose to build vacation homes here, spending weekends, holidays, and summers near the cool waters of the lake. The middle-class soon followed their wealthier neighbors and the town began to grow and thrive. Long known for its jazz, New Orleanians brought the music with them when they crossed the lake; several pavilions and dance halls were built to accommodate the bands and jazz artists who came to play.

Two of those early jazz halls still stand...

Where Do Home Sales ORIGINATE?

Real Estate Disruptors 2019

Forecasting 2019 Real Estate disruptors

  In a technologically expanding world with artificial intelligence, electric cars, Uber, Netflix, personal space flights, bitcoin, and more, the Real Estate industry just seems to keep grinding on resisting change at every turn.

But the Real Estate industry cannot hold out forever, so what are the major disruptors that will ruffle feathers this year?  

Youth And Technology

  The first is obvious but bears pointing out and that is youth. The world is getting more and more tech savvy while the average age of a Realtor is about 60 years old. However, there are more and more younger agents that are starting to act as internal disruptors to Realtors.  

Just as the industry has been resistant to change so has its Realtors. The 60 plus Realtor crowd with very limited social media and internet knowledge is rapidly getting crowded out by the younger generation that can do much more productive marketing for less money. This is why many of these younger tech savvy Realtors are joining lower cost discount brokerages because they can do so much more with less. 

The second biggest disruptor is margin compression. For years on end the real estate industry has operated in a very hush-hush monopoly of price fixing. Sure no one really collaborates...

Life in Covington, Louisiana

Covington, Louisiana And What It Offers

Settled in the early 1800s, the picturesque town of Covington, Louisiana is a place that people proudly call home. Covington's main attraction is its vibrant town center, which is teeming with quaint shops, art galleries, antique stores, and music stores.

Food and wine are taken seriously in this area, as evidenced by the number of wine stores, bars, and top restaurants. Exciting events take place downtown year-round, ranging from a farmer's market in the summer to concerts and holiday celebrations.

If you're in the market to buy a home here, there is an assortment of fine options to choose from in this welcoming Southern town.  

Living in Covington

  Living is easy in this region, where neighbors are warm and welcoming, and Southern hospitality is at its best. The town is considered to be a borderline between “two Louisianas.” To the south of the town is an area that is geographically and culturally distinct from the north.

This southern region is predominantly French in heritage and culture. Naturally, people who enjoy ...