Google Remarketing Intices Visitors to a Second Bite of the Apple

Google Remarketing Entices Visitors to a Second Bite of the Apple

Google Remarketing Entices Visitors

First-time website visitors are a difficult bunch to nail down. Chances are that they are simply “window shopping” for information, leaving the merchant with little to go on regarding their intent. According to 1% Lists, a discount real estate brokerage company, 97% of first time website visitors do not make a purchase. However, that they paid a cursory visit at all tells you something. While your site may have captured a web address, it leaves little else to go on to explain the reason for a visitor’s brief sojourn to your site. Of course, the address can be added to a generic email campaign. But, without more customer feedback, a more targeted message is difficult to ascertain. 

In comes Google Remarketing and Audience Retargeting  to the rescue. Also referred to as target marketing, Google remarketing permits you to track a potential customer via his/her personal journey through the digital landscape. This technology is accomplished through the use of a small snippet of code that is embedded from your website and the visitor’s address is added to Google’s remarketing list. As the visitor continues his digital journey to other Google ad network sites, your ad magically appears. The highly targeted ad campaign has the advantage of customizing who sees your ad by prioritizing the viewer as a “New” or “Returning” customer.

Add Google Remarketing to Your Marketing Campaign Efforts

Also employed for follow-up emails, these ubiquitous ads are broadcast throughout the web, targeting digital travelers who have recently paid a visit to a Google Remarketing customers’ website. There are a number of solid reasons to take advantage of this marketing tool. First, the costs are low when compared to other services. In its website Google describes its benefits via the  Google Display Network. According to the Google website, the retargeting campaign achieves the following benefits:

  • Finds new customers or engages your existing customers using audiences.- Can target Similar audiences and in-market audiences. The tool allow you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your products, finding new prospective customers. You can also use data, like remarketing lists, to help you re-engage people who previously visited your site.   
  • Low Cost–  According to Mailchimp, The Google Display Network is a popular platform for remarketers from a cost perspective. Mailchimp reports that you pay about $2.28 to reach 1,000 viewers compared to pay-per-click cost in the area of  $35.09 to reach the same number of people. That represents a significant savings of more than $32 per 1,000 views.

 The real beauty of the program is that it gives businesses a rare opportunity to revisit the reticent shoppers who did navigate to your site at least once. This presents an opportunity to learn more about the visitor. The more customer information, you have, the stickier your site can be.

The Google Remarketing Campaign is Scalable and Flexible

The Nike remarketing promotion offers a great example of creatively targeting with the remarketing campaign. Upon leaving the Nike site, the next site visited is part of the Google Ad Network site, so your ad has an opportunity to expose the visitor to your targeted message. The ad clicks the visitor back to the Nike site. There’s the visitor’s opportunity to take a second bite of the apple. WebFX  offers some great examples of ways that great companies apply remarketing to add a whole new dimension to their campaigns.

Real Estate Industry is a Heavy User of Remarketing Campaigns

As it is with other vertical markets, The real estate industry is particularly adept at employing a remarketing campaign. 1% Lists, a discount franchise Real Estate broker is transforming the way real estate is being bought and sold through agents. One of the fastest growing real estate agencies in the country, If your dream is to own your own real estate company and enjoy a better commission split, then 1% Lists is the expediter of your dreams. If you are a large brokerage looking to do a lot more deals and drastically cut your unnecessary overhead, then 1% Lists is your vehicle to greater profits and more satisfied customers.

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