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Whether Buying or Selling, our mission is to provide you with all of the knowledge and services that you would expect from an experienced Realtor, with SUPERIOR listing marketing techniques for only 1% commission.

1 Percent Lists is changing the real estate industry with our revolutionary Home Listing Model.  We provide the SAME real estate services as a full-service Realtor but at a fraction of the cost.

We ensure that your home, once listed in the local MLS, has a competitive compensation for the Buyers Agent, professional real estate photography and is backed by the most modern real estate digital marketing available.

What Real Estate Services are Provided?

  • Professional photography provided for every home.
  • Full service by a professional Realtor. All Realtor responsibilities are handled by us.
  • Complete online marketing through the MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
  • Ability and expertise to offer unmatched social media marketing.  
  • Highly Developed Real Estate Specific, search engine optimization.
  • Listing placed and managed in local MLS.
  • Options for placement in Multiple MLS's for maximum exposure.
  • Realtors with a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your best interest above their own.
  • Professional contract negotiation.
  • Security of Realtor-only Bluetooth lockboxes on all listings
  • Competitive compensation for the buyer's agent
  • Electronic document transfer with legally binding electronic signatures

Through extensive research, trial and error, blood, sweat, and tears we have created a process that can sell homes faster while charging only 1/3rd of what a typical listing agent charges.

Through technology, our clients enjoy more transparency and unfettered access to the entire process of selling their home.

How Can We Reduce Your Costs of Selling Your Home?

  • Elimination of high-cost brick and mortar locations which do not benefit our clients.
  • Elimination of antiquated marketing strategies that do not benefit our clients.
  • We have a modern tech-savvy approach to sell your home quickly and cost-effectively.

How Much Can You Save?

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If Your Home Is Worth $125,000

You Save $3,125

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Why List Your Home With Us?

In a word...Value.

That is the very short, direct, and perfect reason why you should list your home with an agent at 1 Percent Lists.

We can offer professional photos, full service, and SUPERIOR marketing all for 1/3rd of what a typical listing agent charges. Our value proposition is unmatched in the industry.

Value is a word that has never been used to describe real estate services. Until now, no company has sought to offer a fantastic level of service and marketing at an unbeatable price. If you wanted to save money you had to do it yourself as a For Sale By Owner and be shunned by Realtors who refuse to show your home.

Our mission is to offer SUPERIOR marketing for a DRASTICALLY cheaper cost than all of our competitors. Many people look at this claim and think it's impossible, but it is the absolute truth and how we do this is pretty simple.


Consider this scenario.

If you interviewed 6 different agents from each of the 6 largest real estate companies in your area how would they each try to earn your business?

Each agent would be offering the same services:

  • Paperwork
  • Negotiations
  • Open house
  • Magazine advertising
  • Online marketing

etc. Each agent would be charging the same 6% fee.

Yet each agent is from a different company. Some of those companies have huge brick and mortar locations with a massive office staff. Some do not. Some of those companies offer their agents all the technology they need to handle transactions for their clients. Some do not. Some companies have an aggressive commission split for their agents to retain and attract existing and up and coming talent. Some do not.

So how is it possible that all of these different scenarios lead every single agent to charge you the same exact price to market your home?

The answer is simple, their goal is not to provide value to their clients. There is a market accepted normative price for real estate services, which is the 6% that no one feels the need to challenge... until now.

Most companies selling goods and services challenge themselves daily:

“How can we improve our product without increasing the cost to our clients”

“How can we lower the cost to our clients but still offer the same value”

No other real estate company was challenging themselves to do this. All real estate companies were discouraging their clients from doing this.  

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