Real Estate In The Year 2021

Why I switched to my Broker…

michele palmer

Why I switched to 1% Lists

I got my start as a Real Estate Agent in January of 2020. About the time I began to really start getting my name out, the pandemic hit. I was with my previous Broker for about 4.5 months before they signed me up for Opcity and Zillow Premier Agent. So, I was really struggling to make my way as a new agent.

Previous Broker

I mostly worked with Buyers through leads that I paid for, then had to split the rest of the commission with my Broker. In my time with my previous Broker, I never really felt like I mattered. I had one listing at the time that I was with Century 21. The listing was for a family friend. It was a nice, well-kept home, in a quiet part of Thibodaux, that showed very well.

They did nothing to help promote a new Agents first listing, while I shared and posted regarding my listing almost daily. Century 21 promoted lots of listings for other agents within the area. This is one of the many reasons I was looking at what else was out there. I never once met my Brokers face to face.

What Impressed Me

When I reached out to Grant, he offered to meet with me to answer any further questions that I may have had. He took the time out of his busy schedule and drove to Thibodaux from Covington to meet with me. That impressed me.


Everything about 1% Lists and what they had to offer impressed me as well. I even spoke to other 1% Lists Agents and they had nothing but great things to say about Grant and Kelly. This helped seal the deal and I made the switch to becoming a new agent. I am excited about my future with my new Brokers and 1% Lists Team. 

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