How Are the Mandeville Schools Ratings

How Are the Mandeville Louisiana Schools Ratings?

Great Schools Drive Real Estate Values

Mandeville’s many blue ribbon public schools are a huge draw for people looking to buy a home in Mandeville. With the cost of private schools in New Orleans being so expensive, the desirability of the Mandeville school system plays a large part in the strong real estate market and the overall demand for Mandeville housing.  

Mandeville’s public school children wind up as graduates of Mandeville High as a Skipper or Fontainebleau High Bulldog.

Mandeville’s fantastic public school system is a huge draw for families all over southern Louisiana. Virtually all of the north shore public schools are very highly rated and compete favorably with expensive private schools on the south shore.

With private school tuition climbing up to over 10,000 per year in some cases, moving to the north shore to take advantage of fantastic “free” public schools winds up being a wise financial decision for many who are considering relocating.

Mandeville has four private schools grades K-12.