So What is 1 Percent Lists? How Does it work?

What is 1 Percent Lists? How does it work? In short, we are an extremely efficiently run real estate company that has successfully cut unnecessary overhead while increasing marketing exposure for our clients.

Through all of these structural improvements to the traditional real estate brokerage model, we are able to offer you complete real estate services for only 1% commission on the listing side and can sell it for as little as 3% TOTAL commission.

Looking for The Most Current Real Estate Listings?

How do we get results while charging you only 1/3rd of what other agents require for their services?

  • How we can do it is very simple, we control our costs.
  • Why it works takes an open mind and a little bit more explanation.

First, you need to understand how the modern consumer shops.

  • For example, let’s say you wanted to take a trip, how would you decide where to go?
  • In the 1980’s you would open the yellow pages and find a travel agent, make an appointment to meet them, drive to their office, select a destination, and you are off!
  • Now you Google “World’s Best Beaches” on your phone where there are tens of thousands of companies who have apps that are vying for your business and promising to get you to your destination cheaper than the next guy.

But how have these major consumer shifts changed real estate?

  • According to Google from 2009 to 2013 online real estate search traffic grew by 253%. As of Fall 2014 according to the National Association of Realtors 92% of home buyers searched online for their future home. Next year that number will grow.
  • Given these trends, when selling a home what matters? Your home has to be on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and all the other major sites. Obviously, professional photography is a MUST because photos will be the first and most important impression buyers have of your home on all of those websites.

So what makes your home stand out?

  • As of the moment, I’m writing this there are 184 four bedroom homes actively available for sale in St Tammany Parish priced from 300,000-400,000. Imagine for a moment that you would like to sell your home and your home meets that criteria making you #185.

What makes a buyer key in on your home out of that large list and say “I want to see that one?”

  • Our 1% commission structure keeps thousands of dollars in your pocket which means you can be lower priced, offer agent bonuses, or offer buyer’s closing costs (or a combination of all 3) and still save on your bottom line.
  • What we offer you is a choice. You no longer have to pay for print marketing, open houses, catering, expensive office locations, secretaries, receptionists, and so many other things which aren’t going to make your home sell faster.
  • We can market your home online EXTREMELY cost-effectively at 1% and we pass all of that savings on to you.