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Stepahnie Mascaro


Stephanie was born and raised in the New Orleans metropolitan area. After 2 years at LSU, she married and moved out of Louisiana , to England and then in Caracas, Venezuela, where she had her 1st born. Different cultures and people fascinate her. She later moved to Miami and then to the Fort Lauderdale area where she raised all three of her children. She got licensed in 1999 but concentrated on raising her children while selling for friends and family only. During the most trying years of 2008-2013 in South Florida, she got certified in short sales and mainly worked with banks helping distressed homeowners. Because of the extensive work with hurting homeowners and short sales, Stephanie realized a genuine desire to help people through challenging personal situations and perfected her problem-solving skills as well as being trusted and innovative with the determination to get the job done.

In 2014 she moved back to Louisiana where she got her real estate license. She has become a successful, full-time realtor who acts as an advocate for her clients and takes the trust they place in her very seriously. She has been accused of loving her job a little too much and that is just fine with her!

Her Personal Philosophy: "There has to be a way." And, "Why not?"


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