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Sarah Leger


Sarah has been a resident of the Northshore for over 10 years. She has had a passion for real estate ever since purchasing her first home in Ruston nearly 20 years ago. She has purchased, renovated, and sold many homes since then and has always known that one day she would become a licensed realtor. After several years at home with her children, Sarah decided it was time to pursue a career in real estate.

Sarah is a mom of 4 who understands that different seasons of life can have different real estate needs. Her family recently moved from the country club to the country to accommodate their changing real estate needs. Sarah’s family now calls Folsom “home”.

From helping clients find the right location and house to fit their needs to providing a home for the more than a dozen foster children that have joined her family throughout the past 5 years, Sarah loves to help people find their HOME.


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