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Zachary is a relatively small city in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish, with a population of just under 15,000 individuals. The majority of Zachary’s population lives in four main areas, Port Hickory/Port Hudson,  Mchugh, Pride/Baywood and City Center.

Zachary is located on the Mississippi River just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana creating a job market for blue-collar workers at the ports and plants along the river. Zachary also has a large number of residences in white collar jobs as well.

Zachary’s available real estate is made up of a high portion of newer constructions, indicating the areas recent boom in popularity. The boom in popularity among more highly educated individuals has led to the median household income of Zachary to be just under $80,000 a year. The popularity of with higher educated individuals as reflected in the statistic that 38% of the adult population has a bachelor’s degree or above.

Zachary’s home value is some of the highest available in Louisiana with the median value of just under $240,000. Single-family homes make up the majority of available residences making up over 75% of homes.

The most common size is a bit larger than the homes for sale inBaton Rouge, having 3-4 bedrooms instead of 2-3 bedrooms. Unlike Baton Rouge where renters and owners are virtually equal Zachary has more owner-occupied property available making up a little under 72% of available homes.

Popular Zachary Neighborhoods


Atkins Rome Josephine


Aucion Ivy

Audubon Lakes

Ayer Pearl Hunt

Beau Bois Place

Beaver Creek on the Plains

Blackwater Estates


Bynum Place

Cage Place

Catherine Lillie Simmie

Causey Estate

Chaney Walker

Copper Mill Golf Community

Country Estate Acres

Country Plaza

Crawford Jessie

Crawford Leona

Crochet Lavoide

Cypress Park

Deer Haven

Dupree Glenn

East Acres

East Hills

East Meadow


Elizabeth Place


Fennwood Links

Fleming Elliot

Handy Hill

Harrell’s Place

Higgins Nelson Place

High Plains Crossing

Hillside Farms

Hopkins Heights

Humble Prentiss

Hunt Sam Place

Hunter’s Point

Jackson Heights

Jacock Acres

Johnson Julius Estate


Lake Pointe

Lake Pointe Courtyard Homes

Leet Lawrence

Leland College

Lipscomb Peggy Peairs

Live Oak Trace

Long Lillie Kent

Marita Terrace

Marshall Bond

Matthew Rivers

Mchugh Sarah

Meadow Glean

Mills Pointe

Millwood Creek

Mitchell Ina


Montegudo Place

Morgan Allen

Myrtle Court

Myrtle Hill

New Port Hudson

Noble Jerry

Noble Wilburn

North Merrydale

North Zachary Farms West

Northwest End

Northwestern Place

Norwood Sybil Chaney

Oak Grove Estates

Oak Park

Oak Shadows

Old East Place

Old Jefferson Crossing

Old Settlement Place

Old Springfield Plantation


Parkwood Terrace

Pecan Haven Estates

Pin Oak Lakes

Piper Toliver

Plains Crossing

Plantation Way

Pleasant Park


Prophete Bernice

Rankin Lawrence

Raven wood

Rogillio Estate

Rosewood Plantation


Sandy Creek


Singing Hills


Square Lawrence Mary Estate


Sunnyside Estates

Tate Johnny

The Cottages at Blue Heron

The Reserve at Cedar Lodge

Tucker Ella Berta

University Terrace

Ventura Place

Wallace Easley

Washington Mable

Watson Farms

Waywood Village

West End

Westbrook Alice

White Green

Windsor Place



Zachary Center

Zachary Estate

Zachary Heights

Zachary Hill Estates

Zachary Road Acres

Zachary Terrace


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