If you were to divide all forms of marketing into two types then one type would be in the digital domain and the other type would be in the physical domain. 

Digital marketing is generally hired out to a technology company that is proficient at building social media retargeting campaigns, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and other highly skilled tasks. 

Physical marketing is generally something you will do yourself and will consist of calling your sphere, putting out fliers at businesses, putting door hangers on expired/withdrawn/for sale by owner homes, calling expired/withdrawn/for sale by owners to try to get new clients, etc

We will examine which of these is more of a long term farming/branding approach, which is more immediate, which should be a daily activity and which shouldn’t, and more. 

This guide will serve as a tool and suggestion as to how you should allocate your time to deal with the physical marketing required to have a successful business. (Please note there is a separate digital marketing plan available to you)

Calling For Sale by Owner, Expired, & Withdrawn - Immediate/Daily

This should be monitored every weekday and be part of your daily routine. These serve as immediate business for you and due to your value proposition should be easy to convert. These are people that had their listing fail to sell with an agent most likely charging a lot more than you (expired/withdrawn listings) or someone who is effectively giving out their cell phone number online saying “I don’t want to pay 6% but I do want to sell my house.”

Please be aware that these people will be called constantly by pushy 6% agents trying to get them to list or re-list their property so we have found that approaching them differently is beneficial. 

We find that simply asking a for sale by owner for example “is your home still available” followed by “if you could hire a full service agent for 1% would you like help” is a great conversation starter that is not too pushy. Imagine how you feel when a telemarketing